“Blaming the Problem”

Blaming 1“The problem with blaming, is you have no reason to change.” Once you blamed someone else for the problem and got it off you, now you don’t need to change. Joseph brothers sold him did he blame them? Your future is in your heart-spirit  you have to work there. Focus on the word of God. David was greatly ...

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Living in Love Grace and Peace!

going deeper 2Living in Love Grace and Peace!

Believers God is with us. Don’t worry! Don’t fear! Don’t give up! Don’t stop loving, forgive. Focus God is with you! The battle is in your mind. No matter what your circumstances are.You win in your mind by saying what God says about you.Isaiah 9:6 Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and ...

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BSM-Teaching Ministry Series “Learning about your recreated born again spirit.”

God highly esteems the regenerated spirit of man.

The Importance of Spiritual Life with the Spiritual Man Written by: Dr. Apostle Beverly Smith     Topic: Learning the born again spirit.Theme:Why knowing your spirit is vital to your Christian life.Thesis statement: Learning why it is important to know the differences of our born again spirit, soul and body relative to living a successful faith filled Christian life as God intended.

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of salvation is being born again, spiritual life ...

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Waiting on God

Anytime that you find something,  a scripture or a song or a prayer or an exercise, that helps you to bring your mind into the presence of God, use it. Return to it as long as there is still revelation left in it. Sometimes we feel that we should move on to other things, when in reality God wants us to park somewhere for a while and stay there. Meditate on revelation as long as there is still life flowing ...

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Spending Time With God, Part 2


There are many different forms of worship. In Pentecostal or charismatic circles, we tend to bundle all our music together and call it worship, and let that be that. All our songs, whether they be songs of praise, encouragement, warfare,  victory, intercession, thanksgiving, teaching; it all gets filed under “worship.” Worship can be without music, and music can be without worship. Many of our songs are songs of encouragement, songs of teaching, or songs of warfare. They are not bad ...

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The Favor of God (The FOG)

You Are Saturated With The Glory of God

Can you handle the favor Jesus had?  The favor of man was the blessing that came from man it was not the crowd that caused Him to walk in favor of man. Some of the crowd hated Him.

You can have people favor you. The dictionary defines favor as to show preferential treatment, to give advantage to another, and to give special favors. To favor means to give special regard to; to treat with ...

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Spending time with God, Part 1

Being in the presence of God is what every Christian  should want, but for some reason few learn how to experience His presence consistently. Occasionally we may stumble into Him, and we are overjoyed, but we don’t know how to experience His presence again. Be aware that there are two kingdoms.

We seek the kingdom of light, but the kingdom of darkness wants to deceive and keep us from experiencing God. The more time we spend in the scriptures the better ...

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