Student Handbook and Course Catalog

A WISE MAN ONCE SAID that our decisions determine our direction and our direction determines our destiny. We stand with you in faith for God’s help in making the right decision concerning your spiritual education.We know full well that the course of your life and ministry—and your ultimate success—depends greatly on quality decisions. We would consider it an honor if God chooses to use us in helping you prepare for your future and to pour into your life knowledge and spiritual endowments that will help you fulfill God’s call on your life.

Undergraduate course work is established in four year-long programs. Each program is made up of 9 courses and 1 Ministry Practicum for 3 credit hours each, making a total of 30 credit-hours per year.

All Master’s level tracks are designed for qualified individuals who want an in-depth study of a particular area of ministry. We have established Master’s course work in 36-credit-hour programs. Each track is made up of 9 courses, 1 Ministry Practicum for 3 credit-hours, and a formal thesis worth 6 credit hours for a total of 36 credit-hours. (The Master’s candidate has the option of substituting two (2) pre-approved elective courses in lieu of the formal, 50- page-minimum thesis.)

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