Come Join Us

An invitation for you to join the worship and program services sponsored by Beverly Smith Ministries.  Take a few minutes to watch this introductory video.

TV Program Intro

The latest version of the introductory video for Throne of His Glory.

The Power of Words

This is a very inspirational video.  We thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Jesus Is Pleased

This message informs and encourages us about what makes God happy.  You will learn how we have pleased Him with our faith.

What Will You Do With Your Future?

A short 2 minute clip that addresses this question.

Change For A Dollar

This video is a little long, but well worth the watch. Enjoy!

Community Focus

In October 2011, we held a community block party, where we gave away food, gifts and services to residents within a 15 mile radius of our corporate center.

Community Focus

Community Focus