Spending time with God, Part 1

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Being in the presence of God is what every Christian  should want, but for some reason few learn how to experience His presence consistently. Occasionally we may stumble into Him, and we are overjoyed, but we don’t know how to experience His presence again. Be aware that there are two kingdoms.

We seek the kingdom of light, but the kingdom of darkness wants to deceive and keep us from experiencing God. The more time we spend in the scriptures the better we will be tuned to God’s voice.  God’s love for us is expressed vividly. Every hurt we ever experienced, every bruise, every scrape, every scar, every tear, He knows and remembers. But most importantly to you, He remembers every tear of yours. He knows every thought you ever had or will have, and He knows all of your thoughts right now. And He loves you.

 He loves you despite everything bad– or good– that you ever have done, everything that you ever will do, and everything that you are doing right now. His love for you is with full knowledge of who you are, and what you are. He loves you infinitely, for He is an infinite God.