Waiting on God

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Anytime that you find something,  a scripture or a song or a prayer or an exercise, that helps you to bring your mind into the presence of God, use it. Return to it as long as there is still revelation left in it. Sometimes we feel that we should move on to other things, when in reality God wants us to park somewhere for a while and stay there. Meditate on revelation as long as there is still life flowing from it. When all the life is drawn from it, move on, and seek God anew. For instance, if a verse of scripture speaks to you, and you sense God’s presence, don’t feel that you have to rush on and read the rest of your chapter for the day. Stop there.

Feed on the revelation that flows from those words; let them draw  you to God. Once in His presence, stay there. God will use the scripture to fill your mind, fill your heart, fill your being.  God will use it to fill whatever it is God wants to fill!!  ALLOW HIM BY HIS SPIRIT TO DO IT.

All this is for you to be with God. It makes no sense for you to go ahead and read 2 chapters, if God wants you to focus on one simple verse or one word and draw life from it, and from Him. It may be a song that helps us into the presence of God. Don’t get tired of that song until you have drawn every last drop of anointing from it that you can. Then, when you have received all the revelation that it has to offer and you have basked in the presence of God until His presence just begins to fade, Then, and only then, move on and ask Him what’s next.

(You can sing a song in the silence of your heart.) The Holy Spirit sharing things with us is so simple that we bypass them while looking for something “Deep.” Simple things ARE deep!

We  enter in to God’s presence.  There are many ways; you may find that the way you come to God varies with the seasons of your life. Be open to change. One way is just to start talking to Him. Another is to meditate on a scripture that puts you in mind of God’s presence. Another is to sing a song to the Lord. Another is to picture Him near you, beside you, and tell Him that you love Him. Another is to reach quietly down inside your heart, where He dwells, and love Him there. Praying in the Spirit will bring us into His presence.  You can pray Our Father who art in heaven hollowed be thy name etc. You can  imagine a scene from revelation, and worship before God’s throne. Perhaps we are inspired by nature, his lovely creation.

The important thing is not so much how you get into God’s presence.  The important thing is to get there, and once you’re there, stay as long as you can. Love Him, and listen to him. There is no greater destiny on earth than to be called into the presence of God to worship him; yet this is the privilege for believers.

Quiet yourself, make sure you’re  right before Him. The Holy Spirit will lead  you. Jesus came to our heart the same reason he came to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus’s home: to be with them because he loved them.  He wants to be with us, too, because He loves you.