Beverly Smith Ministries Christian Institute is an educational extension of Beverly Smith Ministries.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Beverly Smith Ministries Christian Institute is an equal opportunity educational institution.  Qualified applicants are admitted without regard to ethnic group, gender, age, handicap status or veteran status.


Beverly Smith Ministries – Christian Institute has been established for the purpose of equipping the saints, the Body of Christ, for the work we are each called to as individuals and as a corporate Body in these last days.

Beverly Smith Ministries-Christian Institute is under girded and motivated by a philosophy which is reflected in the character of Jesus Christ.  BSM-Christian Institute is committed to a viewpoint which is based upon the Bible as the flawless and dependable Word of God. “Our Last Days Revolutionary Training,” it is called “Revolutionary” because it is designed to “revolutionize” the lives of those being trained and the lives of others around them.  The term “revolutionary” means “world shattering” or “ground breaking.”  It also means “avante guard” which implies a program that is forward-thinking, forward-moving, ahead of its time, and highly developed.


  • Advancing Spiritually Bible Classes
  • Ministers Mentorship Programs
  • Business Classes
  • Seed to Bloom Mentoring
  • Trade & Internship