The Lord Jesus is getting us ready in this last Day to be the glorious Church God intended us to be. This is the last Day TAKING……. IT TO….. THE NEXT STEP…….What will it take for you to take your personal next step?

Taking your step to flow with God will strengthen the local Body of believers you are connected to and you will flow with God as a whole.

We are stepping into a season to experience the fullness of God. Now is the Time!!

Many of you are in need of emotional healing don’t prolong it seek out side help if you need to but get healed. Before taking that next step the Lord has for you, get healed and delivered of the past.

Do whatever it takes! Don’t let past hindrances become present hesitations. You must be free to step into the next thing ahead of you.

Conventions & Meetings

  • Living in His Presence
  • Seed to Bloom
  • Retreats
  • Hearts to Heart
  • Body of Christ Meetings

Past Events

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