Parents Night Out

Parents go out and have some fun!

  • Every 4th Saturday out of the month.
  • Time:  5:30 Pm — 8:30 pm

We give parents the opportunity to go out and have fun without the children.

Please call (704) 398-7332 for more details. You must call no later than the 4th Friday, 12:00 noon to put your childs name on the list.

If their name is not on the list, we will not be able to receive your child on the day of parents night out.

Bring your children to the Beverly Smith Ministries Event Center (other locations may apply). Call to verify location.

  • Drop off your children knowing they are in a safe environment.
  • We have various activities for your children to do while you are out enjoying yourself.
  • All ages are welcome, with the exception of infants 0-1 years of age.