Youth ministry is essential in order to prepare the Lord young army.  We must not ignore or disregard our youth.  God will work in anyone who is yielded to Him regardless of  age.  The enemy targets young people to destroy them from the destiny that God has  planned for them.  Proverbs 2:12 talks about the wisdom of God saving you from the ways of the  wicked and keeps you on the straight path. We must strengthen our youth with words of  encouragement and good teaching.

Try to remember the struggles you had growing up as a teenager.  These are the topics that should be discussed.  (friends, dating, school, plan for success)  Our young  adults are facing things now that we did not have to face growing up such as violence and shootings in school.  Children have been robbed and killed because of someone wanting the shoes they are wearing.  In these last days, it is a matter of survival.  We must teach our youth how to have a personal relationship with God.  They should learn how to hear and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We must teach our youth what the word of God says about them.  It is important to speak positive things over their lives of where they are now.  Our teenager are at the age of accountability and need wisdom in guidance to stay on the right path.

The world is full of negative role models and influences.  Our youth needs positive role models, ones that will not compromise.

Don’t talk down to your teenager, talk to them with respect and love.  In their minds, they are already adults but they lack the experience that adults have.  They must  be nurtured with love and words of encouragement. When  our youth will get on fire for the Lord, they can change the world!

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